The Protection Detailing

koch chemie logo lThe Protection Detailing

Near Perfect Condition

The Decontamination

  • Multi-stage washed & cleaned
  • 360° circle wheel rims cleaned remove brake dust (no acid used)
  • Clean shut door, boot, bonnet
  • High foam to paintwork wash to remove grime
  • Two bucket wash & grit guard system, using luxury microfibre wash matt & PH neutral shampoo
  • Dryer super microfibre towel, then blow dried
  • Clay bar remove embedded paintwork/glass
  • Remove tar glue spot, IPA wipe deep cleaned
  • Badges polished

The Polish

  • 2 in 1 polisher compound with sealant compound for permanent remove light micro scratches & holograms, high degree of gloss and smoothness
  • Rims wheel cleaned & spray sealant detail
  • Door seal rubber treated
  • Engine bay cleaned
  • Exhausts and chrome polished
  • Tyre dressing

The Protection

  • 2-layer Koch Chemie wax Hydrophobic.

The Interior

  • All surfaces are vacuumed and cleaned dashboard/ door card using non-silicone based products, final inspection exterior and interior.

£240 workout a day

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