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GTECHNIQ Quartz Composite Lacquer forms a submicron 100% clear quartz film which is extremely hard and provides a durable, stain resistant surface that repels salt, oil, water and dirt. These characteristics are why C1 is unbeatable for long-term surface care since your car will require less washing as dirt, bugs and road tar are washed away very easily.

This combined with the hardness of the coating all help to prevent premature paintwork dulling from microscratches caused by frequent vigorous car washes to remove previously hard to remove surface contaminants. C1 has been independently proven to have the strongest UV filters of any paint protection system on the market and forms the strongest barrier against bird droppings.

Smart Surface Science Protects Against: Colour Fading, Bird Droppings, Acid Rain, Tree Sap, Oxidisation, Bug-Splatter and Road Grime.

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Click Here to View Smart Surface Science FlipBook