Paint Enhancement Detailing

koch chemie logo lPaint Enhancement Detailing

Paintwork deep cleansed, clayed and a full set of paint thickness readings taken. A two-stage machine polish using a combination of medium and ultra-fine polishes. Paintwork wiped down using IPA to ensure coatings form a perfect bond with your car’s paintwork.

We say generally lightly swirled paintwork mixed with one or two deeper scratches would need this treatment. In our experience, most cars more than 1 year, but less than 5 years old, will require this treatment to bring about a flawless finish.

The Decontamination

  • Multi-stage washed & cleaned, jack lift up wheel deep cleaned arched
  • 360° circle wheel rims & callipers cleaned remove brake dust (no acid used)
  • Clean shut door, boot, bonnet
  • High foam to paintwork wash to remove grime
  • Two bucket wash & grit guard system, using luxury microfibre wash matt & PH neutral shampoo
  • Dryer super microfibre towel, then blow dried
  • Clay bar remove embedded paintwork/glass
  • Remove tar glue spot, IPA wipe deep cleaned
  • Badges polished
  • Scissor lift at studio detailer

The Polish

  • Using Rupes dual action machine, stage two correct polisher using pad wool & fine medium polishes
    (removal of swirl marks & light-medium scratches)
  • Rims wheel cleaned & polished after protection coat used
  • Door seal rubber treated
  • Engine bay dressing production
  • Exhausts and chrome polished
  • Tyre dressing
  • X rain repellent glass treatment

The Protection

Choose a protection package from the brands below:

2-layer Koch Chemie wax Hydrophobic up 8 months from £399

Koch Chemie Sealant 1k nano coat 12 months from £420 with certified

Koch Chemie ceramic 2 year from £480 with certified

The Interior

  • All surfaces are vacuumed and cleaned dashboard/ door card using non-silicone based products, final inspection exterior and interior.

Upgrade (extra cost):

Interior protection treatment from £95

Remove wheels & treatment protection £100

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