Intensive Interior Detailing

Vehicle Wash & Intensive Interior Detailing

For all vehicles.

The Decontamination

  • Multi-stage washed & cleaned
  • 360° circle wheel rims cleaned remove brake dust (no acid used)
  • Clean shut door, boot, bonnet
  • High foam to paintwork wash to remove grime
  • Two bucket wash & grit guard system, using luxury microfibre wash matt & PH neutral shampoo
  • Dryer super microfibre towel, then blow dried
  • Dressing restorer rubber tyre

The Interior

  • All surfaces are specialist vacuum upholstery & vortex with air compressor shampooed deep cleaned seat, carpets, headlines, card door boot carpets & rag and cleaned cockpit, plastic using non-silicone based products & glass cleaned, finally an air fresher leaved your vehicle smelling brand new.

From £85

Upgrade (extra cost):

Extra Upgrade from £95 - Interior production detailing

  • Leather guard
  • Fabric guard
  • Plastic production
  • Long last up 12 month

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