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Total Surface Protection with Gtechniq Platinum. A nano-based Smart Surface Science video, demonstrating a durable, stain resistant surface that repels water, dirt, oil and more.

After Treatment Video

Here is a quick tour of car detailing treatment applied to the car with a layer of protection, the result is sparkling clean.

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Approved Valeter & Detailer

We are accredited by Gtechniq and Koch-Chemie to carry out quality Car Detailing Services - look no further!

Our Car Detailing Services protects against: Colour Fading, Bird Droppings, Acid Rain, Oxidisation, Tree Sap, Bug-Splatter, Road Grime . . . and more.


Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your wife for giving the Touareg the second treatment at the weekend. I can really tell the difference, so from my point of view it was well worth the trip and I can now say that I am honestly impressed . . .

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