Marine Service

Marine Service

For most boat types, here are the marine services that we offer:


C1 Nano coat, 3 - 5 years durability or Gtechniq Aero coat, 2 years durability

Paint Production Detailing

Recommended for new boat or near perfect (single stage ultra-fine gloss enhancing polisher)

Paint Enhancements Detailing

1 - 3 years old boat
Restores light oxidised paint & slightly damage surfaces

Paint Correctional Detailing

Over 5 years old boat
Heavy damaged surfaces, remove oxidised & swirl marks left from cutting polishing

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gtechniqFrom £75 Sq Meter

Service Highlight

  • The Decontamination Hull & Superstructure wash detailing
  • Deep cleaned restored deck teak
  • 1 - 4 stages correction machine polisher
  • Cleaned surface hull & superstructure
  • Choose paint production Permagard reactive polymer or Gtechniq crystal lacquer Nano coat or Aero coat
  • Teak treatment protector is specially formulated for teak decks
  • Metal polisher
  • Canvass treatment fabric protector is specially formulated copolymer treatment

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